~ Tips - Many provided by our Readers! ~

Before a child's party, scoop ice cream into paper cupcake holders and store the treats in the freezer.
Protect a child from discomfort or skin burns by placing a towel over the car's seat on hot, sunny days.
Smear a tiny bit of petroleum jelly above your baby's eyebrows to easily channel soapy water or shampoos away from their eyes.
When first lacing up new shoes, tie knots in the laces after the first two hold have been threaded so your child can't pull them out accidentally.
Toss a small hand towel over the top of a bathroom door so it won't close completely. This way, little ones are less likely to lock themselves in.
Wear-n-Wash - Get your kids some inexpensive white T-shirts and some soap crayons-the kind kids play with while in the tub. Let them draw and color the shirts anyway they want. They can wear the shirts all day and you can toss them in the wash at night. They'll be ready to go the next time your kids are feeling a little artistic.
A Surprise in the Birthday Cake - Like the Mardi Gras King Cake, bake a little edible something like a gummy bear or worm in your child's birthday cake. Get a special prize for the lucky child to get the special piece of cake. Kids love this!
If your kids love to finger paint, pour some of their favorite colors into a Styrofoam egg carton so they have a nice little palette to work with.
Kids who are learning to use scissors and are practicing to cut on the lines will enjoy cutting out savings coupons for you.
Keep a toy telephone next to your real phone. When you get a call have your child answer their phone and talk while you do.
While you work in the kitchen, give your child a cookie sheet to use as a lap tray. The sides keep toys and crayons from rolling off. 
Your toddler's room becomes one big playpen with the addition of Dutch doors. Lock the bottom of the door and leave the top open so you can see what the little one is doing.
To avoid constant clock waiting during the hectic morning rush, set the kitchen timer to go off a few minutes before the kids have to leave the house.
Instead of listing your children's friends in your phone book under their names, provide a page for each of your children and write their names there. Saves time in an emergency when last names escape you.
If you want your child to clean their own nails, an old toothbrush is the perfect size for little fingers.
Wrap a strip of masking tape around the container of baby powder so it's handy if you accidentally tear off a disposable diaper tab.
Once a week, prepackage chips, cookies, nuts, dried fruits, raisins and other goodies in plastic sandwich bags and store them in a large sealed container. When it's time to fix your children's lunch, toss the prepared bags into the lunch box or sack, along with a sandwich and fruit. This really saves time in the morning, especially if you have to fix several lunches each day.
When bathing your baby, pin a bath towel around you neck like a bib. You'll stay dry and have an instant warm wrap for the baby.
No time to read the newspapers or mail. While rocking baby to sleep, read them aloud. They will think you are talking to them and will enjoy the sound of your voice as much as a lullaby and you'll get to read.
Do you feel like you are forever waiting on your kids while sitting in your car? Always have a crossword puzzle book or magazine in the glove compartment to work on while you are waiting. An audio book works wonders! 
Fill a plastic swimming pool with sand to make a small sand box for your child to build sand castles in. 
Always spread newspapers under the high chair when feeding your child. This makes cleanup a snap.
Use a 3 minute egg timer when your child brushes his/her teeth. Make a game of it and your child will brush longer.
When you take the baby out for a walk in the stroller, fasten a rattle or favorite toy to the handle of the stroller with a plastic shower curtain ring that clips shut. No more dropping the toys again and again. 
When your feed your baby solids, put the food in a coffee mug instead of a bowl. The handle makes is easier to hold. 
An old twin mattress is perfect for an extra bed for a child's sleep-overs. Cover it with a plastic mattress cover and slide it under the bed to storage. Keep it hidden from view with a dust ruffle, and when pulled out for use, it is easily made up.  It also provides a great place for children to bounce and tumble. 
To preserve your child's artwork and prevent the colors from fading over time, spray with a light coating of hair spray. This works especially well on chalk drawings.
When your child cuts a lip or tongue, offer them an ice pop. The cold helps stop the bleeding and tears and you'll have a better chance to look at the wound under less than hysterical circumstances.
When your baby is old enough to sit in the bathtub, here's a good hint. Place a rectangular plastic laundry basket in the big tub and pop baby into the basket. Water flows in and out, tub toys stay within reach and baby feels secure being able to hold on to the sides of the basket.
If your children are reluctant to give up unused possessions, offer to help arrange a garage sale for them, and let them keep the proceeds.
When your children are small and are forever slipping and slouching in their high chairs, apply some textured bathtub appliqués to the seat and back of the high chair. No more slide-away baby!
To teach preschoolers their phone numbers or addresses, sing the numbers to a nursery rhyme. (Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star works well with a phone number) Children learn the numbers quickly if the parents sing along with them.
When discarding plastic bags, especially large ones from the cleaners, always tie several knots in them, ensuring that no child or animal can get into them.
A teaspoon of peanut butter will get rid of hiccups and children love it!
To remove crayon marks on walls: Apply plain white toothpaste to the marks and leave on for 1/2 hour. Wipe off with dry cloth.
Stuff a miniature marshmallow in the bottom of a sugar cone to prevent ice cream drips.
Use a meat baster to squeeze unusual pancake shapes for your kids. They love to eat an "S" or a flower. This is great for sleepovers. 
To quell those end-of-summer blues, throw a "Back to School Party".  The kids can play games like "Pin the tail on the donkey", bobbing for apples, etc.  Reward the winners with inexpensive prizes like rulers, crayons, writing paper, pens, pencils and glue.

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