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How Colors Affects Kids

  • Red - Makes the room happy and lively. When children see red, it releases epinephrine, a hormone that causes the heart to beat faster and the body temperature to rise. The result is kids feel excited and energetic whenever they're in the room. 

  • Pink - Produces a calm, soothing environment. In the presence of pink, research shows that kids quiet down. This color has a soothing effect that, one study says, even lasts up to 1/2 hour after exposure to it.

  • Blue - Creates a serene scene. Blue has been proven to actually lower blood pressure, relaxing children and allowing them to think clearly and reason more logically.

  • Green - Gives children a feeling of well-being. When exposed to green, the brain releases dopamine, a neurotransmitter that has a feel-good effect. In fact, green has been proven to calm and lower stress. Therefore, children feel nurtured around green.

  • Yellow - Boosts creativity when used cautiously. The hypothalamus (the motivational center of the brain) is stimulated when in the presence of the color yellow. However, try to use yellow sparingly because too much can make kids edgy and irritable.

Use Crystals to Inspire Kids

There are ancient beliefs that crystals and minerals can affect the atmosphere of a room-and the mood of all who enter it.  Here's how to use them to calm and inspire your kids as they play. Different stones have different effects:

  • Amethyst - Creates calmness. Amethyst prevents over stimulation and helps kids focus on puzzles, art projects, etc.

  • Amblygonite - Soothes anxiety. This mineral is great for controlling chaos in the play room. It's powers to subdue stress are so great that this crystal is used in the treatment of hyperactive children.

  • Fluorite - boosts concentration. This crystal can heighten kids' attention spans, allowing them to successfully complete challenging tasks. If older children use the space for studying, fluorite is a must.

  • Citrine - Promotes family harmony. This stone is ideal for a playroom shared by one or more siblings since it promotes togetherness and fosters a cooperative spirit.

Pretty and Inexpensive Decorating Ideas

  • Use ponytail ties for holding back curtains. They come in all sorts of cute decorations, fat buttons and bows. Be care not to use decorations that a child can detach and swallow.

  • Baskets for holding diapers, underwear, lotions, etc. near at hand. Use for toys as well. A large basket with a handle is absolutely essential for quick pickups at the end of the day.

  • Junior milk crates are small enough to line up on a dressing table or shelf to hold essentials.

  • Wall pegs for holding baby clothes, towels, sweaters, etc., give extra help to get the most-used items out of the way but still keep them within reach.

  • Memo pad above the changing table to jot notes, reminders when baby was last fed and notes for the baby-sitter.

  • Plastic stack bookcases are great for toys as well as clothes.

  • A space organizer sold for over the toilet can be used on a wall over the changing table.

  • Cut a regular mattress pad to the size of a dresser top and cover with a pretty terry towel or receiving blanket to use as a changing pad.

  • Inexpensive scatter rugs with rubber backing come with cute designs such as teddy bear or ducks. Use in front of the crib and dresser or rocking chair.

  • Stackable storage carts with open fronts are usually sold for kitchens but are great for holding baby's clothes.

  • Hang large clock on the wall. It's decorative and practical.

  • For an inexpensive wall decoration, buy colorful plastic picture frames to hold pages from a children's book. Make a grouping on the wall. 

  • If you can't afford a rocking chair right away, buy one of the inexpensive plastic outdoor chairs and buy or make a padded cushion to fit inside the seat and back.

  • Another inexpensive idea for holding essentials over the changing table is a three-tier hanging vegetable basket in a pastel color.

  • Hang a net food umbrella (used to protect food at picnics) from the ceiling over the crib and attach a toy or rattle at each corner for an inexpensive mobile.

  • A waiter's apron with two pockets is perfect to hang on the changing table or side of the crib to hold powder, lotion, etc.

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